Life, Love, Work and more… The Realities of IT…

How to improve and balance your lifestyle.

We all know what Technical Support it’s all about. The deep, complex world of Information Technology extends far beyond physical devices and enter a beautiful, sometimes metaphysical reality that not many can understand. Telecommunications, cybernetic data, remote servers, digital information… In many ways, studying the depths of information technology help humanity develop our civilizations further and even contribute to our preservation by creating new technologies that facilitate our lives. With new high-tech devices being on the rise and automated forms of service that are more common within the years, IT professionals are becoming one of the most crucial people when it comes to every and any daily activity. Our bank platforms, our transactions, our communications and phone calls, our forms of entertainment… they’re all technology information come to life.

Though it sounds very straightforward and logical, sometimes this labor goes hand in hand with a lot of sleepless nights, roundabout problems that never end, trial and error and never ending stress. This is where things get complicated. Though issues might be fixed in a way that fits the usual protocol, sometimes, the unusual fix is the most adequate one. This juxtaposition of thoughts is what differentiates a good IT person from a great one. It’s not just doing your job, but knowing how to act in order to obtain a great result without damaging anything else in the process. That being said, much to the detriment of all professionals, their commitment and dedication often result in neglecting other aspects of their lives such as their loved ones, their families, their religious practices and sometimes even their personal health. Unfortunately for us, due to our strong work ethic and our selfless ways, this is a very prevalent issue for us in our Sri Lankan culture.

Considering the importance of that, and taking into account that today’s world is filled with technology everywhere, the relevance of an IT person is extremely high. As any system needs maintenance, consider IT to be the doctor that gives you a remedy when the body is feeling sick. If the doctor was not present at the time that you needed, your body might go into shock and if it’s too late, it might cause irreparable damage. Not only this, but having the knowledge to act accordingly to every situation is also key. In many occasions, an IT person has to prioritize a problem over another just because one could be potentially more harmful than the other. This is why having someone to fix and support any issue is always important.

If Technical Support is your true passion and you find fascination behind the wonderful world of computers and other gadgets… Try to find meaning within that world. Maybe see yourself alike to a machine, and think of all the positive ways that reflecting inner thoughts can impact on your life. Your occupation that you dedicate yourself to is not very different from the way that every single human in the world operates. Close your eyes and try to think of the human body as if it was a masterful computer created by God. Not one that is moved by electric impulses but moved by the chemical compounds that help us function every day in this beautiful world. Think of our brains as the motherboards that control everything and every added feature is the organ that connects. Our hearts the power supply, our eyes are the graphics card, our sweat glands the fan coolers, our mind the RAM… We, as humans, as the perfect biological machine that has been created to live a life of sensations, feelings, thoughts and purpose.

To that effect, think of everyone in your life like the IT person responsible for your functioning. You might experience some discomfort in your system, and you might be needing someone to intercept all your functions and repair the problem that’s inside. Instead of going into overdrive by constantly trying to run a program that needs to be reset in some way, asking for help and relying on others might be the best thing to do so that you don’t ruin any part of your operative system. Someone that you love and respect will certainly be able to tend to your needs and restart your mood, making it function smoothly again and removing all the errors that were preventing your regular functions. Not everything is about technology, sometimes it’s also about humanity. It’s about seeing the ways that those two things overlap and realizing that we, as humans, as very similar to any computerized system that needs constant maintenance and attention.

Understanding the principles of support and applying them to your personal life as you do to your professional life can greatly improve the overall quality of your every day. Seeing human interaction through a different perspective and broadening your horizons will certainly lead to a healthier, much happier lifestyle that prioritizes care routes that are much more efficient and responsible. Every Sri Lanka resident must know this and remember this principle — Practicing a healthy life will always lead towards a better society, and if we have a better society, we will always be able to help those who are in need. Though problem solving and technical support may seem like a labor that is only about computers and it seems to be disconnected from human emotion, the opposite is true. The IT people are always connected to everything around them and have the power to change the world with their sheer influence. That is why we encourage every IT person to USE this power and put it towards having a happier, healthier life filled with love, human interaction and ultimate balance.

The IT professionals of Sri Lanka are people filled with love and affection that seek to contribute positively to our communities. By internalizing the thoughts exposed in this article, every IT professional of our society should be made a better understood, more well-rounded version of themselves while they dedicate themselves to their utmost passion. Using the powers that they have to bring balance to their lives as they keep the world up and running… one day at a time.



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