How to learn coding?

This is the question when you just bump into computer science. Most of the time beginners are struggling with mainly three problems. When to learn, what to learn and how to learn. These questions are raised because the tech industry is rapidly changing. For example, now we have fields like data science, cloud computing, big data, AI, AR, VR, and many more.

What I have learned from my experiences is “don’t go after new technologies without mastering basics”. If you are a beginner, start from scratch, master the basics, then choose a new technology and go in-depth to do cool stuff.

If you have mastered the basics, learning new technologies is nothing for you. I’ll share some tips that I have followed.

1. Talk with your seniors/lecturers.

ask questions, and carefully listen to what they have to say. They will guide you with their experiences. That is a very important thing when it comes to IT industry.

2. Start with the basics.

I recommend you to learn HTML/CSS at the beginning. Then learn programming with C language. If you master the basics of C language, trust me learning another language is super easy. After you finish with C basics, move back to HTML/CSS with javascript and PHP. Then you will get the basic idea of how to create a website, write an algorithm, and working with databases.

3. Follow a tutorial series that is best for you.

4. Learn one thing at a time

5. Practice it

6. Do a project

The most important thing I have to mention is “Google and search for everything that comes to your mind”. That is the best advice that I can give you when it comes to programming. In my case, I googled every problem that comes to my mind. And that leads me to explore new areas as well as finding the solution.

When it comes to tutorials, You can refer loads of websites and youtube tutorials to learn anything within seconds. And there are so many online learning platforms also. You can take courses on what you wish to learn and master the skill.

In the upcoming articles, I will mention the best online learning platforms, youtube channels, and learning resources that would help you to learn code.

Happy Coding!



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