FirebaseUI for Web — Auth

FirebaseUI is an open-source JavaScript library for Web that provides simple, customizable UI bindings on top of Firebase SDKs to eliminate boilerplate code and promote best practices.

FirebaseUI Auth provides a drop-in auth solution that handles the UI flows for signing in users with email addresses and passwords, phone numbers, Identity Provider Sign In including Google, Facebook, GitHub, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, OpenID Connect (OIDC) providers and SAML providers. It is built on top of Firebase Auth.

The FirebaseUI component implements best practices for authentication on mobile devices and websites, helping to sign-in and sign-up conversion for your app. It also handles cases like account recovery and account linking that can be security sensitive and error-prone to handle.

FirebaseUI Auth clients are also available for iOS and Android.

FirebaseUI fully supports all recent browsers. Signing in with federated providers (Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, OIDC, SAML) is also supported in Cordova/Ionic environments. Additional non-browser environments(React Native…) or Chrome extensions will be added once the underlying Firebase core SDK supports them in a way that is compatible with FirebaseUI.




Full-Stack Developer AI Enthusiastic Data Science

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Chameera De Silva

Chameera De Silva

Full-Stack Developer AI Enthusiastic Data Science

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